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Cropping to a Specific Size in Photoshop

Article ID: KB101733

Many of the templates on PixelMill have a main image that you can easily replace with your own by cropping your image to a specific size in order to replace the image. This short tutorial explains how to use Photoshop CS2 to crop your image to a specific size.

First, if you're not sure what size the template's original image is, take a quick look in the Image Properties or in the HTML code.

  • In FrontPage, double-click on the image to bring up the Image Properties dialog box.
  • In Dreamweaver, click once on the image and look in the Image Properties panel.
  • In the HTML code, look for the <img width="xxx" height="xxx" ...> code.
  • In a browser, right-click on the image and choose Properties.

Once you have the width and height, go to Photoshop and select the Crop tool from the toolbox. In the options bar, you can type in the specific width and height. In the figure below, I've typed 750 px for the width and 168 px for the height.

Specifying size in options bar

Specifying size in options bar

Now click and drag in your replacement photograph or image using the crop tool. You'll notice that the crop area proportions are "fixed" -- you can't change the shape of the crop area like you usually can with the crop tool. You can move the selection around to grab the perfect area of your picture.

Selecting the crop area

Selecting the crop area

Double-click in the crop area to perform the crop action. Photoshop will automatically size the selection to be the right size!

Note that if you make the selection too small, your final picture will be blurry, so make sure that you select an area that is AT LEAST as big as what you need it to be.

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