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Search Engine Optimization - Part 7

Article ID: KB101558

The Ultimate Search Engine Placement Technique

How many times have you seen the headline? You get bombarded with it in spam. You get hit with it in on-line advertising. Everyone wants to promise you the guaranteed ultimate weapon. These days, in the constant battle for rankings, web site developers have been going to extreme lengths to show up in the top ten results on relevant search engine queries.

Bad news: There is no Ultimate Search Engine Weapon. Effective long-term search engine placement, just like any other rewarding activity, takes tenacity. One of the best ways you can move your site up in ranking is to put in some work and set up multiple doorway sites.

Doorways are useful for many reasons. Search engines do not do a good job of indexing "dynamically" generated pages (like .asp pages) and the criteria for designing a "Search Engine Optimized" site is usually completely different than the criteria for an attractively designed site that is designed to sell products. To overhaul an existing site to rank well on search engines is difficult and most commonly disrupts the objectives of the original design.

Doorway Sites vs. Doorway Pages

You have probably seen "doorway pages" used with good results in the past. These keyword optimized pages are set up independently from the rest of a site and usually feature a logo, some text and a link that encourages visitors to enter the site. Unfortunately, because of abuse, the use of doorway pages will more than likely get you labeled a search engine spammer and actually retard your efforts at high ranking.

Doorway Sites are similarly keyword optimized independent pages, however there are some important differences. The most important distinction is that doorway sites are always hosted on their own independent, keyword optimized domain name. For example: if your main site is www.classicpiano.com, you might build sites at www.used-pianos.com, www.pianos-for-sale.com and www.discount-piano.com . These independent sites would all be hosted on independent IP numbers at different ISP’s and all have links back to your main site.

At first, the suggestion of having several sites, each acting as a path to your main site, may sound overly time consuming and expensive, but this is actually a very cost effective program.

An effectively optimized and positioned doorway site can result in thousands of visitors a month, but let's say that one doorway site allows you to bring 1000 new visitors a month to your main site. Hosting costs for a domain should run about $25 per month for "quality" service. Add the monthly domain name cost (at $15 per year, divided by 12) and you'll be paying less than $27 per month. Of course, this doesn't include the costs of actually constructing the site, so allow another $100 per month for that (these sites should be simple, utilizing much of the information from your main site and just optimizing the keywords and content for a specific product, service or search engine). You are at $127 per month. That's $0.127, or approximately 13 cents per visitor. Many of us spend 3 to 4 times that to get traffic through pay-per-click online marketing programs like Overture.

There are many other benefits to multiple doorway sites; most important is the weighting that search engines are now placing on relevant link popularity. By linking all of your sites together you will increase your search engine ranking.

There are some caveats to utilizing doorways. Search engines do not like "multiple" pages; they see it rightly as spam. Your sites can't just be mirrors of each other, they must be as unique and independent as possible – even the domain name registration should be done under different "entities." To get the latest up-to-date information on building and deploying multiple doorway sites please take the time to visit Planet Ocean Communications  – It’s the source we use to keep up with the latest changes occurring in the industry. When you sign up for the Search Engine Newsletter you also receive access to download The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars. This guide, updated monthly, is an excellent e-book that takes you step by step through the process of achieving high search engine ranking at all of the major search engine sites.

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Greg Snow:
Greg is the CEO of Advantrics LLC, which is the parent company for PixelMill and Vivid Office. Greg has an incredible background in FrontPage Development and Research, and keeps up to date with the latest Search Engine News. He is the author of the Search Engine article series from the PixelMill newsletter.

Greg Snow, PixelMill Newsletter, Volume 2 - Issue 7 : 07/01/2002

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