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Accessibility - Part 3

Article ID: KB101566

Last month we talked about how to conform your images to the first web content accessibility checkpoint, which was:

Checkpoint 1.1 Provide a text equivalent for every non-text element (e.g., via "alt", "longdesc", or in element content). This includes: images, graphical representations of text (including symbols), image map regions, animations (e.g., animated GIFs), applets and programmatic objects, ascii art, frames, scripts, images used as list bullets, spacers, graphical buttons, sounds (played with or without user interaction), stand-alone audio files, audio tracks of video, and video. [Priority 1]

Now that you know how to take your images and make them accessible, what about image maps, animations, applets, and all those other things that add pizzaz to your web page? We'll be covering these in the next couple of articles.

Image maps...

If you're not sure what an image map is, here's a quick explanation. An image map is one image with one or more "hotspots" defined. These hotspots can be linked to other pages. FrontPage's Picture Toolbar has hotspot tools that allow you to create a "client side" FrontPage Image map.

Here's an example of a client-side image map...

If you look at the HTML code, you'll see something like:

<MAP NAME="umbrellamap">
<AREA HREF="/" SHAPE="rect" COORDS="23, 77, 110, 124">
<AREA HREF="/support/" SHAPE="rect" COORDS="121, 72, 206, 116"></MAP>
<IMG BORDER="0" SRC="../diagrams/hotspot_01.jpg" USEMAP="#umbrellamap" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="134">

This is all well and good for viewers who can see the picture, but if you want to make this accessible, you'll have to provide text equivalents for the picture as well as the hotspots.

How to: Alternative text for image and hotspots
This is easy to do! First, define the "alt" description for the image, as described in last month's article. Then, go into HTML view and add "alt" descriptions to each of the <AREA> tags, like this:

<MAP NAME="umbrellamap">
<AREA TARGET="_blank" HREF="/" SHAPE="rect" COORDS="23, 77, 110, 124"
ALT="Umbrella 1 - Link to PixelMill Home">
<AREA HREF="/support/" SHAPE="rect" COORDS="121, 72, 206, 116"
ALT="Umbrella 2 - Link to PixelMill Support"></MAP>
<IMG BORDER="0" SRC="../diagrams/hotspot_01.jpg" USEMAP="#umbrellamap" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="134"
ALT="Click on umbrellas...">

Server-side image maps are similar to what is described above, except that the map information is in a separate file on the server. This means that there is no real way to make the image map itself accessible. Your only way out is to create some text links on the page that link to the same places as an alternative for those who can't use the image map.

FrontPage and Accessibility
While FrontPage makes it easy for you to create [client side] image maps, it's up to you to make the image map accessible. You can easily do this in HTML view following the example above!

Next: Flash & Swish Movies


Corrie Haffly:
Corrie is the author of the Accessibility series, which appeared in the PixelMill Newsletter. Though you may not know her name, Corrie has become one of the top experts in the FrontPage Template industry. You may know her work better under the name John Galt's Templates. See Corrie's stunning products today!  John Galt's Templates

John Galt's Tools, PixelMill Newsletter, Volume 2 - Issue 7 : 07/01/2002

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