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Shop Online PayPal DB - pm45570fptdl1 Specific Product Support: Shop Online PayPal DB - pm45570fptdl1

PM ID#: pm45570fptdl1
Last Updated: 7/25/2005
Designed by: Corrie Haffly

Product updates

7/27/2005 - On some servers, the pages may give intermittent "unspecified errors" that go away. We have made a slight change in one of the includes (cRecordSet.asp) that fixes this issue. If you already have your website up, you can simply copy the cRecordSet.asp from the new download and place it in your includes/ and admin/includes/ folders to replace the existing one.

You may also view product-specific support by clicking the "support" tab in the product details window. Use the keyword search above to search for the product that you wish to view.

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