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Photography MDS #18 - $175.00 - Expression Web
Contributor: Media Design Services
Product SKU: pm67093exwebdl1

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Product Details

Photography MDS #18 - v. 1.0 - Expression Web - $175.00 - pm67093exwebdl1

Flash photo gallery template for showcasing and viewing images in a professional and intuitive interface.
All configuration is done by editing an easy to edit XML file. This would include options for the following: Background image, button colors, mouseover colors, numerous alpha settings, thumbnail definitions, thumbnail mouseover definitions, slide show interval, sound file definition, default Info screen text, Contact screen text, gallery button labels and large image and thumbnail image definitions.
Support for unlimited galleries.
Clean, careful and professional look. Soothing color scheme. All pages feature an easy to edit Flash image and text rotator. Tableless css layout provides for a search engine optimized design. Edit the images in the Flash rotator and this template will compliment any site.

Related Keywords - expression, expression web, css, tableless, blue, orange, grey, flash, image rotator, professional service firm, search engine optimized, seo, xhtml, validated code, cascading style sheets, css based layout, spider friendly, swf object, validated xhtml 1.

Developer - Media Design Services

Product Specs and Information

Compatible With:

  • Software

    • ExWeb - Compatible with Microsoft Expression Web.
    • FP 2003 - Compatible with Microsoft FrontPage 2003.
  • Standards

    • PM Web Templates 1.0 - This template meets PixelMill quality levels version 1.0.
    • XHTML 1.0 Strict
    • XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Browsers Tested:

  • Firefox 2.x
  • IE 6.x PC
  • IE 7.x PC
  • Net 8.x PC
  • Opera 9.x PC

Features and Extras

  • Other extras

    • starter web site (.zip) - This product includes a starter web site in a .zip that can be extracted and immediately opened for editing.
  • Source files

    • flash files (.fla) - complete - This product comes with all related Macromedia Flash files (.fla).
    • photoshop (.psd) - complete - This package includes all Photoshop source files that may be required to modify all images and graphic elements. Images are likely not in original form. Included images may be cropped or resized.

Layout and Design Features

  • CSS

    - CSS design features
    • Used for fonts and colors - This template includes a stylesheet which is used to format fonts and some colors.
  • Design

    - Design features.
    • info boxes - Includes info boxes for "hot topics" or "extra information."
    • straight/box - The layout has a square, boxy feel or uses a lot of straight lines.
  • Flash and Swish

    - Flash and Swish features.
    • dynamic flash - The Flash or Swish movies in this template load in the images, text, and perhaps other components dynamically, so you will not need Flash or Swish to make basic image or text replacements.
    • Flash movie (.swf) - This product includes one or more Flash movies embedded in the web page.
    • Flash source (.fla) - This product includes the Flash source files.
    • SWFObject embed - This product uses the SWFObject Flash detection and embed script.
  • Included Page Layouts

    - Page layout features included with this template.
    • 2 columns - Layout has two columns.
    • footer area across bottom - Layout has footer across the bottom of the design.
    • header area across top - Layout has header area across the top of the design.
    • main navigation - vertical - The template's main navigation is vertical.
    • main picture across 1 column - The main picture area is across one column.
  • Layout

    - Layout features.
    • logo area - limited - The logo area is limited in size.
    • type - css/tableless - This template uses CSS-based layout. No tables are used for layout.
    • vertical nav - left column - Vertial navigation bar in left column.
    • width - static/1024 - This template has a fixed width for a minimum 1024-pixel monitors.
  • Navigation

    - The type of navigation used in this template.
    • FrontPage includes or Dreamweaver Libraries - This product's navigation buttons/links are hard-coded within easily-editable include pages (FP) or libraries (Dreamweaver).
    • Vertical - unlimited number - Vertically oriented navigation is included. Number of links is unlimited.

Ease Of Modification

  • Flash or Swish

    - How easy is it to add your own content to the Flash or Swish movies?
    • Dynamic text or image - Easy to change! The movie in this template dynamically loads in the text and/or images so that you can easily replace them without having to edit the movie itself.
  • Font changes

    - How do you make changes to the fonts of this template?
    • CSS - Changing the fonts in this template only requires modifying the stylesheet (easy).
  • Layout color changes

    - How easy is it to make layout color changes?
    • CSS and any graphics editor - To change the colors of this template, you can change the stylesheet and modify some of the graphics with any graphics editor.
  • Logo

    - How easy is it to modify or replace the logo?
    • Text logo - This product uses normal text for the logo area. You can highlight the text and type your own text, or replace the text with your own web-optimized logo graphic.
  • Navigation links

    - How easy is it to modify the navigation links, text, and effects?
    • CSS text links - This template uses CSS-formatted text links (no graphics), so you can simply edit the stylesheet to modify the navigation link colors and effects. You can change the link and text very easily.

Recommended Programs

  • Optional

    - The following program(s) may be required to edit the included source files. Note: editiing the source files is not required to deploy this product.
    • Flash 8 - Some source files in this package may require Flash 8 or later to edit some files.
    • Photoshop CS2 - Some source files in this package may require Photoshop CS2 or later for editing. Purchase Photoshop at www.adobe.com.
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